A I Pte Ltd provided with a single expert and professional solutions to customers to enhanced their business solution.

Maintenance Services

Annual Maintenance

Annual Maintenance Program (Comprehensive & Non Comprehensive) ensures that all installed equipment perform optimally with minimum server disruption for the customer. A I maintenance service include remote monitoring, routine maintenance and downtime repair.

Routine Maintenance Service

A I will provide a custom maintenance program for their customer to maintain network system. A I will provide services within specified dates and at specified pricing. We will discuss the situation with customer and get customer approval before perform any services beyond the routine maintenance. 

Down Time Repair

Having the proper technical support is the key for businesses today as downtime directly affects productivity and cost. A I Services promises maximum support with minimum downtime.  Our technicians have the skills and materials needed to repair faulty modules and restore optimal operation in the shortest time. 

Installation Services

Installation Service

A I provide installation services for the following types of equipment:

  • Network switches
  • Firewalls
  • Wireless access points
  • CCTV
  • IP PBX
  • IP Phones
  • Office cabling
  • Racking
  • Structured cabling
  • Access control systems

Our process always begins with a site visit, thorough needs assessment followed by our team customizing the cabling solution to each building’s zone requirements and internal systems.

From requirements gathering, cabling design and installation through to testing and warranty we ensure your cabling installation project is completed with minimal interruption, within best practices, on time and on budget.


Project Consultation

Project Consultation

A I provide project consultation service for customer who wanted to set up new office or enhanced. Firstly, A I will understand all the requirement and information from customer over site survey. After collected all the information. A I will produce a better and budget solution with customer which to let customer to have more understand the situation with the project. A I will provided full-stack project consultation and installation which fulfill all the customer requirement.

Customization Services

Customization Service

A I provides customized services to suit unique or challenging customer business requirements. A I understand that out-of-the-box solutions do not suit everyone. A I project consultant will spend time understanding your business needs and customize your solution to fulfill the requirement.

Whether you require integration with existing systems, our specialists can help you tailor your environment to suit you perfectly.

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